Catherine has had a lifetime of teaching, mentoring and guiding. At the age of six, she taught her four-year-old sister to read. She started teaching piano lessons at sixteen and has been doing so ever since. During high school she presided over a volunteer group that organized events and outings for mentally challenged people. When Catherine was 35 she enrolled in an Honours degree at King’s College, UWO, in sociology. She also spent 7 years as a lecturer for Weight Watchers, counseling and motivating people. Catherine and her partner are extremely proud of their two adult children and their partners, all of whom are involved in care-giving professions.

Through all of these experiences, Catherine has developed a philosophy that people are the most important things in this world and that relationship is everything. She discovered this program after the death of her father; it explained a lot about her own grieving process and has helped her immeasurably in her day-to-day life ever since. She became licensed as a specialist in March 2008 and has counseled a number of people with great success. She believes that this program can help anyone work through any kind of loss and that it will teach skills that will be life altering.