Other Programs Offered by Catherine

Entering the Marriage Scene
(collaboration with Rev. Mark Marshall)

A video-based pre-marital workshop for Nearly-Weds
Group discussions and activities, coupled with ‘date night’ video ‘homework,’ will help you explore marriage issues from a Christian perspective, and in terms of loss and change, giving you a good start to your new life together.
Sponsored by:
Westminster United Church Thamesford, Ontario & Harmony House, Innerkip


Catherine Cannon Music Studio

Offering piano, singing and theory lessons in a non-competitive environment focussing on enjoyment.

'I believe that education should be a positive experience and that having fun can co-exist with working hard. I try to keep lessons exciting by offering monthly special activities such as ‘harp week’, where I let the students experiment with my harp and discuss the method of sound production, ‘rhythm week,’ where the students are taught some basic drumming and conducting skills, ‘song writing week,’ where the students learn theoretic concepts by writing their own music, and many other innovative activities which I am constantly revising. My main goal is to teach how to develop a skill that can bring years of joy, without being judged or pressured. I believe that this is the kind of activity people in our fast paced culture need.' - Catherine

Also offering a new program called Finding Your Voice:
Have you always wanted to sing but been told you ‘can’t’? Are you a closet singer? Or have you felt that you’d like to know more about singing technique to improve the voice you have?
Finding Your Voice can free you, through knowledge, journaling, and self-exploration, to discover what’s blocking your own natural voice.


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