This program helped me express my feelings better and helped me to work on forgiveness. I now understand that forgiving someone is only for your own benefit and not to give the other person more power. I'm happier and feel much better than I did when I started. - Anonymous

I enrolled to get help with the grief of my father leaving me. I learned how to forgive and apologize. It taught me a way to handle future losses. What I didn't expect to learn was that I am a smart and intelligent young man. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone. - Anonymous

I thought this course would be about death, but it was much more than that. It was everything about life. I had taken 4 months of one on one counseling but I just needed something more to understand why I still have so much pain in my heart. Life holds so many upsets and set backs that at 42 years of age, you just get lost inside and don't know what to feel anymore or what to think. I've learned that my feelings are real and that it's good to cry. But when it comes to grief or loss I have to be responsible for my own actions even if that was breaking the law. Every one has a story to share and I am not alone in life now! I also have to learn how to forgive others that have hurt me in the past. I feel happy again and I can make choices with a clear mind now and feel food about it. I like to thank you very much for sharing your stories with us. Also that I really enjoyed being a part of other people's feeling and stories. This was the best program to be involved with. I have told everyone about this program. I would like to take it again. I still have a lot of work to do with others and myself but now I have the tools to do it with. Thank you so much. - Love Tammy

I feel free, I feel worthy, I feel confident. Talking through things can help but putting things in written form somehow makes it easier to let go of it. - Anonymous

I came because I was always questioning myself- asking why? wondering if I was wrong or 'the bad guy.' I had a lot of emotional feelings towards my sister. A lot of hate for her behaviour. I really learnt I don't hate her but I feel sorry for her and her sickness. I've learnt how to accept other's bad behaviours - let go and move on - that talking about this issue was a relief. It let me see the real side of my sister. I couldn't see before how I was letting my sister control my life and I learnt how to let go of my anger and hate and forgive. Cathy, I highly recommend you to help others. You helped me see the issues I couldn't see of didn't want to believe. I no longer feel like I am closed up and lost. Letting go of all the pain makes my daily life easier. Thanks for helping me make molehills out of my mountains. What would I do without you? - Candy

Emotionally, I now recognize that there is a difference between what my head tells me and what my heart tells me, and I know my head is not always right. The traditional ways to deal with grief are wrong. It's ok to cry!! I've learned that no one can actually know my grief, even though they may empathize. Thank you, Cathy. I really needed someone to talk to and some better tools to deal with my grief; I now know that grief isn't a bad thing and have a way to approach it and resolve it. I have gained confidence, knowing that I can solve most, if not all, of the emotional hurt I will encounter. - Anonymous

I learned my feelings of resentment were normal. I feel good, renewed. Mother no longer monopolizes my thoughts. - Judy

My mom recommended I enroll in the program because of difficulty dealing with the loss of a best friend/boyfriend. I was able to completely vent my thoughts about the situation to someone that was not a peer and didn't know the person I had lost or any background. It was very needed to review our whole relationship and memories. I now have let go of a lot of anger and resentment I had towards Jordan and am now able to feel accepting of what happened and just miss what we had at one point to a more normal extent. I learned there are many myths about grieving and many of the things I was feeling were 100% normal. - Anonymous

I now know that when the loss passes, the relationship doesn't end. - Anonymous

In all my years of dealing with professional people, with regards to my anxiety disorder, Catherine is one of the least judgmental people I have ever worked with.

I was brought to the this program because I was dealing with the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome for my two adopted sons. It helped me clearly identify my grief issues - and gave me tools to deal with the grief and let it go. It has allowed me to accept my boys for who they are, not who I wanted them to be. By accepting this, I can be a more effective parent and advocate. I am now aware of my learned responses and will try not to fall prey to these but rather use the tools I learned. Cathy presented the program in a positve, non-judgemental way. I was comfortable sharing my deepest grief.

I enrolled in the program because I was hurt by a close sibling/sister (but also had other losses in my life that she attacked). I had to look at myself again why it was bothering me that much. I was surprised at what came up in the sessions that I thought I had worked through. I didn't realize that I put many lids on again because of what people said to me. I feel that everything is out and it doesn't matter what other people think, now. The program taught me to know who I am, be honest about myself and my feelings, and to have my feelings and emotions without judging them. I now realize that feelings that you didn't deal with can effect your well-being.

Cathy is very concerned with her people.

The program helped relieve me of a lot of stress by giving me someone outside the box to talk to. I am more aware, now, of me and what I need or welcome. I am trying to stay in the moment for what I need to do. I did not expect to learn from this program that I am a very strong person. I thought so but didn't realize how much. I truly enjoyed my time spent learning about myself and how much I really didn't know through the process of grieving.
Mary Lynn

After the loss of my husband, I realized that the relationship with my brother never would be the same anymore. I wanted to free myself of the ballast that I didn't want to carry on anymore. For me, taking the course, I felt for the first time that someone was understanding me without judgment. I never felt that with friends or family. I am still an emotional person but I have learned how to give the loss a place in my life and give it a rest. The program and the book handed the tools step by step to learn how to handle losses - and not only losses of death.

Catherine, thank you for walking me through this this program. You have taught me so much and opened my eyes for things I didn't realize back in my childhood till now. I feel better already and I will recover from my losses in my life. Thanks again.

I had been having issues with my father my whole life. Resentment, anger, guilt, and all sorts of emotions that I had been just dealing with every time I had an encounter with my dad. I really felt that this was just the way it would be for the rest of my life despite the advice from my mother and countless other people. The advice was 'it's not you, it's him'. 'Move on, don't dwell on the past'. All of those pieces of advice are right, it was just a matter of getting there emotionally. How do you do that? I'ts fine for people to give advice but the how is the tricky part.

I am not just saying this either, this program freed me somehow. The process of facing your past although scary, really makes you take a good look at your childhood and why things were they way they were. I now have allowed myself to forgive and move on. Forgive myself and my dad. I can't change him, he will always be that way but I don't have to be caught in that anymore. I really have a better understanding on how I take on guilt and see things completely different now.

I needed this process at the time and I can't thank Cathy enough for helping me work through my issues. I would recommend this program to anyone who is dealing with grief at any stage. It is an amazing and ongoing experience.

Thank you, Cathy
Shannon ~ September 2010

Cathy, thank you so much for this opportunity! I cannot put into words how much these last few weeks have helped me. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am glad that I met you and you are a part of my new life. Thank you for helping me during a very sad thime - I am not sad anymore.
Karyn ~ June 23, 2009

Dear Catherine,
The value I have received from working with you through the "Grief Recovery Handbook" has surpassed any of my expectations. The healing I have been blessed with to date has given been me peace and hope. With the tools I learned I am able to move forward and continue confronting the losses I have been repressing for so long. Any new losses I now deal with as they present themselves which is opening me to experience real joy.

Believe me I know how you're feeling...Reluctant, hesitant and uncertain right? If there is one thing that I want to share with you more than anything else about this experience so far is that it is so much more than just about death. When Cathy introduced me to the idea after the events that had transpired for me in February, I got defensive and said that I was just fine and didn't need to get that involved with my feelings behind it. I had convinced myself that I was okay...I was giving Cathy an Academy Award winning speech on just how well I really was when in fact I needed to find some answers.
Only being partially through this journey I've come to realize that those things from my past that I thought I had dealt with were in fact re-surfacing again in other areas of my life. Those things that I chose not to feel completely at the time left me feeling numb. And so I found ways of dealing with my loss without really having to "deal". For me, now that I realize that this is my reality, I can shift my focus onto accepting and working through what is, stop the "what if's" and the inappropriate ways of dealing with loss, and move on to what will be... completely refreshed and with an open heart and mind.

I am grateful for this book, and I am grateful for Cathy and her passion behind this new journey in her life. We would all be so lucky to have such a wonderful opportunity both in personal growth and clarity, as well with someone as dedicated and caring as Cathy to support us.

I reconsidered it after doubting it...If you're ready to be 100% honest with yourself and allow yourself 100% to feel it and let it out, I'll ask you one simple question. You're not here today by accident are you? You're here today because you know it's time to feel better...I know I do!
Dan Smallman

Cathy asked me to become a member of her test group. Honestly I didn’t expect much from the sessions as I had come to terms with my Father’s death; however, during the weeks to come I learnt how to let go (complete) my relationship (or rather non relationship) with my Father. My childhood expectations of a happy family and a loving Dad would never happen. Cathy provided the tools so I could complete the real relationship I had with my Dad and thus ending my sadness for what could never be. I thank Cathy for this very confidential, professional and caring education. I will be dealing with other relationships and or lost relationships and I now posses the tools to complete them leaving me feeling free. Thank you Cathy.

My name is Margaret and I have been dealt a lot of tough blows in my life from a fire early in my marriage destroying everything to many deaths in my family including the death of a son that I believe was murdered and never solved. When I joined Cathy’s program I couldn’t believe the peace that I would feel. Thanks Cathy, for a great program.